Roadside garden

Gardening in the dark!

It has always been a joke in my family that if we do invest in any landscape lighting it will just extend the time in the garden!  It is just lightening up here and I am faced with a busy day and can only fit garden cleanup into the early morning...cold...hours.  So be it.  The coffee will be ready when I come back in and pictures will be added to this post.  This morning it will be the roadside garden cleanup at 6:40 a.m.! 

Here is a picture of the 'tools of the trade'!  The leaves go in the compost pile, of course!  Another 'after' shot!


The roadside garden was planted with the help of my neighbors last spring.  It is planted with drought tolerant, shade tolerant and deer proof perennials.  We shall see how it grows this season, its' second.  Stay tuned!The_other_side_of_the_road