Holiday wishes

The Year In Pictures - 2013


The drab has returned to the garden and it looks as though 2014 will begin with no snow on the ground although there is a big snow storm threatening to appear late Thursday and into Friday. When the ground is hard and solid, it is hard to believe there will be color again. There is little left of summer foliage and the seed heads on perennials are shredding and shattering from the winter weather. I did find a bit of green at the base of the Lady's Mantle as I cut it back and there are snowdrops emerging. They will sit tight for the next month or two waiting for a bit more light and warmth. They signal hope and promise. Looking back at pictures from 2013 is one of the best ways to appreciate the garden. Speaking of hope, I do hope the coming year brings you wonderful surprises, in the garden and out of the garden, and also a happy new year.