Fountains and ponds

Sprays and springs!

In my recent travels, I came across three  fountains of very different styles.  The first is a classic tiered fountain which was at Haskell's Garden Center.  Haskells_fountain As you can see, it is located in the greenhouse where it stands majestically surrounding the rows of greenery as a classic centerpiece.  The next was also at Haskell's and it flanked a path edged with  pots of emerging grasses.  This one is in the classic Japanese style. Haskell_fountain Each one seems to be a natural addition to the surrounding area.  The last was seen at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boyleston, MA.  It is behind the Orangerie and is called the Primordial Pool.  It is made of lava rock and has a mist nozzle at the top.Dsc_0003   It is quite intriquing don't you think?

A regal fountain or just a fish pond can add so much pleasure to the garden such as this one Dsc_0168 at a friend's and this one in another friend's garden.  Dsc_0130 Sitting by the pond with the sound of running water while watching the fish, frogs and dragonflies can be very soothing after a difficult day  'out there'.  A glass of wine, bourbon or just plain lemonade can heighten the experience!  Cheers!