Mixed media

High 66F
Low  46F

It's time to start thinking about planting up the assorted containers in the shed.  It is always a treat to head off the the garden center with the intention of actually purchasing plants and not trying to sell something.  This is a very gray area as  I often come home with an unintended treasure or two.   I have taken a look at some past  pictures of planting schemes just to get some ideas on what might be the perfect combinations for this year. 06_barrel This is a picture of one of the fifteen whiskey barrels that the local garden club plants and cares for during the spring and summer.    This was planted for the summer of '05 and includes Pennisetum s. 'Rubrum', Zinnia 'Perfection orange', Coleus'Sedona', Petunia 'Blue Sky', Ipomoea 'Marguerite and Setcresea 'Purple Heart'.  They were effective '35 mile per hour' plantings! Perennial_and_herb_container Here is a nice color combination of Heuchera, sage, campanula and Ipomoea 'Marguerite'  A container could also contain evergreens which look nice all season including holiday time.Evergreens


  Here we have a beautiful gray green container filled with succulents. Succulents_in_container Good for a sunny spot. I'm not sure what will develop this yearfor my containers.  I am thinking of a couple filled with five or more different types of coleus.  Once they are planted and filled out, I will post pictures and you can be the judge!


More pots and posies!

High 58 F

Low 32.6 F

Another interesting day checking on product arrival at the garden centers.  Here are a couple of beautiful displays, again of pottery. This customer really knows how to make the most of her containers!Dsc_0008 Dsc_0005 What is prettier than violas in a pot?  Less is definitely more here!

Also, I saw a new interesting cultivar of cherry tree.   This one is called Prunus 'Crimson Cascade'.  Most of the cherries commonly planted have pale pink to white flowers.  There are over  400 species of cherries and many hybrids.  This new one, while named 'Crimson Cascade' has a true cherry/fuschia colored flowered which is really quite striking.  Dsc_0019 I think that it would look wonderful underplanted with some of those blue scilla.  Any other suggestions?


Roll out the barrel!

High  77 F
Low   32.6 F

Today was community planting day.  The local garden club plants and maintains fifteen whiskey barrels in the center of town.  This year we are going to try one of the new self-watering whiskey barrels.  We have had trouble with the classic whiskey barrel falling apart after just a few years and since the garden club maintains them during the season we thought it might be easier to try one of these which are UV resistant and freeze proof with an eight gallon water reservoir.New_barrel_07_2

This will have to be drained in the winter but we are hoping that maintenance will be much easier.    With fifteen barrels there are many volunteers necessary to water, deadhead and fertilize them through the summer.

Heidi_diane_kathy Here you see the pansies planted out. They will remain for just a month or so and then the barrels will be re-planted with assorted annuals.  It is a big project and here is a picture of the barrel planting crew.  It couldn't be done without them and these women are just a few of the many volunteers! Pansy_planting


Drips, streaks and more!

Minimum temp 38.2 

High 56 F

Today the sun came out for the first time in many days.  The garden centers were quite busy and many had their displays ready for the weekend.  Some are still hustling a bit to get everything done but it is usually a continuous process.  I saw some  more very interesting containers.  What do you think of this yellow and blue combo?  I think in the right location with interesting plants it would be a winner!  Or, it could be plumbed and used as a  centerpiece in a water feature. Dsc_0009_3

Here are a couple more interesting color combinations.Dsc_0011_4

  Then we are back to some more solid colors. I love this combination of yellow and purple.  An effective display!Dsc_0022_3


Crayola containers

Last week I stopped in at one of the local garden centers.  Since it has been cold and rainy here not much is happening on the customer level but all is being spruced up for spring.  Every year new colors come into vogue and I think we will be in the midst of a 'hot' color year. 

Hot_container_2   Or, perhaps you would want to go with classic cast iron?Cast_iron