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June 2016

Bloom Day-June 15, 2016

June14gardenBloom Day, this June, is serious business. It looks like spring in the garden with no leaves on the trees. June is usually the time of prolific blooms in my garden. This year is different. A plaque of gypsy moth caterpillars has descended upon this region and the only good news is frass. Frass is the correct term for insect excrement which is high in nitrogen. I have uttered the 'other' word for frass many times in the past few weeks, frass is falling fast. The oak leaves are gone, the maple leaves are being eaten now, the white pines are succumbing fast and everything in the garden is covered with crawling caterpillars. Amsonialady'smantleI will leave the caterpillar post for another time as this is Bloom Day. PEONIESForgive the pictures. They all include, yes, caterpillars. I am thankful for a few blooms.