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May 2015

It's May, it's May, the Lusty Month of May,,,

Gold Bleeding heartYes, the lusty month of May. May, full of visible energy as leaves and flowers unfurl. Flowers are lusty. They are all about pollination and fertilization besides being just plain beautiful.  May always makes me think of  that know the one Julie Andrews sings in 'Camelot'.  You can listen to that song here. We are having another 'slow' spring. It has been quite cool which is great for flowers and busy gardeners. The snowdrops which can bloom in late February had to wait this year due to the abundant snow still left on the ground until April. They have finally finished blooming and now is a great time to move them around. I have done a bit of that but with other spring tasks taking precedence, it may not get done. Oh well. Such is the gardener's life. There is always something left undone.

ForsythiaThe forsythia are just blooming which signifies that the soil has warmed to around 50F. Corydalis seems to have taken over the entry garden but since it is a spring ephemeral it will disappear shortly. Entry CorydalisI will just admire the orchid blooms and be thankful that it is such a good re-seeder. Salmon DaffodilThe river of daffodils is blooming and this lovely salmon cupped daffodil is elegant in an arrangement or just left in the garden. I have found that for the best show, yellow wins the day. You can see the yellow portion of the river of daffodils from very far away. Magnolia 'Elizabeth' is shedding her flower sheath and wearing it more as a stole rather than a full winter jacket. I expect she will open her blooms in the next few days. Magnolia 'Elizabeth' budShe seems to have shrugged off the cold of winter and has many flower buds this year. I think I have found a good spot for the Viola odorata. This tiny, fragrant violet is nestled under the branches of the cotoneaster and seems to be spreading just a bit. Not far from the door, it is easy to see and reminds me to bend down and take a whiff. Viola odorataIf you stop by and see me lying prone on the lawn with my face in the flowers, I know you will understand. Well, you will after you have experienced the soft, flowery fragrance of this tiny little violet. Spring is unfurling slowly here and that is much better for blooms and this gardener's disposition. May is oh, so welcome here.