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January 2015

Juno-Great Expectations

Deer damageThe garden has become a playground for white tailed deer. They sneak in after dark and scamper around nibbling the Rhododendrons. There is not just one hoof print. There are many. They must know that the hunters have left after sitting or stalking their elusive daytime presence. They obviously know that there are no longer dogs here. They are taking advantage. Yak Rhodie damageYou can see the tips of the frayed Rhodies. They rarely touch the boxwoods or the hellebores. They love arborvitae. I am left today worrying about them just a bit as the big storm bears down on New England. Where will they spend the next, snowy twenty four hours. In spite of the damage they cause, I will worry about their comfort. It is snowing lightly this Monday afternoon. A downy woodpecker is having a bit of a meal at the suet hanging from the hook in the garden. He seems unconcerned with the impending storm. Earlier today the roads were busy and the grocery store was bursting with shoppers. There is nothing like a snow forecast to improve the bottom line at the local grocer's. The atmosphere is tense with anticipation. Goats and yard stick I have set the yard stick out in the goat yard which is covered already with three inches of snow. It is tilted slightly since the ground is frozen in this spot. I wonder if I will be able to see it tomorrow at this time of day? Stay safe where ever you may be. 

Yard stick

UPDATE: Goats under snow-Here is the yard stick after the storm. Almost two feet of snow.