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Tucker 1998-2014

Tucker in maine 1Tucker, beloved labrador retriever, passed away quietly at his home on May 21st. For sixteen years he was a constant and devoted companion to his family. Tucker was a noble dog with dignity and quiet reserve. He was no lap dog and would never lower himself to slobbering sniffs, uncontrolled barking or disgraceful begging. Job ForemanHe was persistent in his pursuit of unusual scents and would follow them to their end with a doggedness deserving of that title. He had many accomplishments in his long (for a dog) life. He could, in his day, shake hands, roll over and fetch a ball although he never really wanted to return that ball to the thrower. He was the Job Supervisor on all major planting projects including container plantings. He had a great eye for plant combinations.  Cooper in pool2Tucker was the ultimate water dog. He loved to swim and chase his splashes. A running hose was a source of constant amusement for Tucker. Water was his friend. When he turned twelve, he acquired a brother, Cooper. Cooper meets tucker 1While he tried his best to train Cooper in restraint and dignity, he rarely succeeded. Their first meeting was one of altercation and it was only Tucker's resigned acceptance which allowed them a comfortable companionship. Tucker truly understood that 'Top Dog' was a futile pursuit and he bowed graciously to his younger, more energetic sibling.  Tucker and Cooper 1Both dogs loved to take a walk to the back field. There they could run and chase the wild scents of the day with exuberance and spontaneous joy. Tucker leaves us with many wonderful memories which include his warm and moist nose, soft fur and his unconditional love and devotion. Tuckerfog1He was laid to rest in the field that he loved. So long sweet friend.