White is the New Black
Winter Solstice - 2013

Bloom Day - December 15, 2013

Door corsageThere is nothing in bloom outside at Ledge & Gardens. There is a coating of snow and ice and while it looks quite Christmasy, there are no blooms. The only items outside with color are the lighted Alberta Spruce and the Christmas corsage by the front door. Billbergia nutansInside, the Queen's Tears are blooming. Such a sad name for an easy care plant. I did post on this a while ago here. Flower closeup Queen's tearsThere are few flowers which are true blue and fewer which actually contain navy blue but this one does as well as pink, yellow and lime green. This plant needs dividing but I will wait until spring to get that task done. Queen's TearsAnyone want a piece? Begonia, setcreasea and mapleI also have a couple of begonias in bloom. The one in this mixed container which also contains an Abutilon in yellow and a Setcreasea which does have pink flowers but stands alone with spectacular foliage. One last bloomer is this white flowered begonia. It is Begonia listada. I love the foliage. The flower is a small bonus. Begon iaThis year I don't seem to have a poinsettia.  That's okay, they just languish after the holiday anyway. Many thanks to Carol over at May Dreams for hosting yet another Bloom Day. How many is this Carol?