Golden Days
Bushy American Aster

Bloom Day - October 15, 2013

MonardaAnother Bloom Day is upon us and there is much still blooming in the garden. We have had just one light frost with no real damage on the tender annuals. Perennials such as catmint and bee balm are throwing a few last blooms. Fall foliage is quickly passing peak leaving the copper colors of oak leaves and pine needles to warm the days. The natural decline is well under way.  Masses of bloom are a thing of the past but there are some blooms if one takes the time to walk slowly and search them out. I do deadhead the bee balm and this one has several bright blooms. Spanish FlagNo hummingbird is coming by though. They have left for their seasonal vacation. The Spanish flag vine is blooming as is the Eupatorium 'Chocolate'. Eupatorium 'chocolate'The major bloom of the asters is past but there are a few blooms left on Professor Kippenburg who loves the companionship of the orange tithonia. Tithonia and asterThe deer are in search of food and they have taken their more than fair share of the tender tops of the Hydrangea p. 'Vanilla Strawberry'. Hydrange 'Vanilla Strawberry'As a result, there are only a couple of blooms on this shrub. This bloom is aging gracefully while the new bloom is a sweet, tender pink. Vanilla StrawberryI will do a bit better with the deer proofing next season. NicotianaNicotianas shake off both cold and low light and this one reseeded from last year. It should be a bit further back in the border but who am I to argue with Mother Nature. Lady faceThe fishpond has yet to have a skim of ice on the top but it is coming and the sleeping lady planter carries this sedum for crowning glory. She is resigned to the change in season and some days I do feel as she looks but most days I look forward to the changes. There is always something interesting to see and while it becomes more of a challenge as the days shorten and the cold descends it makes me hunt a little harder for the treasures of the season. It will be a challenge to find blooms for the next Bloom Day in November. I will find at least one although it may be an inside bloom. Thanks go to Carol at May Dreams for hosting this Bloom Day. You can find a multitude of other blooms from all over the world over at May Dreams.