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Bronze and Black-Anise and Swallowtails

DSC_0024-ButterflyBronze fennel and black swallowtails, Foeniculum vulgare purpureum and Papilio polyxenes,  go together like wine and cheese. Both groups are most welcome additions to the garden. I added bronze fennel to both the long border and to a high, zinc container. The container holds scented geraniums, dichondra and bronze fennel which gives height and color to the planting. It was placed next to the narrow walkway to encourage tactile guests to reach out and 'play' with the plants thus releasing a bit of scent. I may be the only one who actually does this on purpose. I never have been able to keep my hands to my self. DSC_0002-Container It has been a great season for butterflies in the garden. DSC_0014-little butterfliesThere are many this year of all shapes and sizes and one would think they would be easy to photograph as they just flit from flower to flower but they are surprisingly shy and wiley. Capturing them in flight is a challenge. Not so these beautiful larvae.
IMG_1288-Monarch caterpillar
I counted six on the bronze fennel. They are quickly devouring this plant. I hope it provides enough food for them before they grow into adulthood. IMG_1287-six monarch caterpillarsI do worry about them since their markings are so distinctive it would seem to make them easy prey for some scavenging bird. There are many birds here this summer as well. Indigo buntings, cardinals, tufted titmouse to name a few. That is a subject that deserves its own post. For now, it is time to enjoy the butterflies in all their stages. Are you seeing more butterflies than usual this season?