Merry Christmas 2012
The Year in Pictures - 2012

The Dog Nose

Maine and Gisele's 022Do you have a dog in your garden? Many of us could not garden without a dog or two but others find dogs just a nuisance. They get in the way, trample plants, DSC_0002knock over planters, DSC_0056play in the mud and generally can make pests of themselves. They also supervise most garden tasks, DSC_0004take walks with you, pose, DSC_0035watch the baby IMG_3577 and, on occasion find lost items. There are two dogs here at Ledge & Gardens, Tucker at 14 is getting stiff and sedentary but he still resides over the garden with a dignity he has refined over the years. Tucker is never one to push himself into your lap. He likes attention but doesn't crave it. Not so with Cooper. Cooper is two and he is a bundle of energy. If there is something to get into, Cooper will find it. He has a great nose for any kind of scat and always wants to share. DSC_0062
This morning he found a frozen pile of something. Fearing the worst, I gave him a call and he trotted over to show me what he had found in the frozen leaves. DSC_0057Ahhhh, I knew that glove was among the missing. DSC_0056-001I can't imagine gardening without these two. I am appreciating Tucker every day. DSC_0022At 14 his days are numbered but then all of ours are numbered as well. Dogs just do not live long enough. If we only lived 15 years on average do you think we would appreciate life more? Do you garden with a dog? What does your dog add to your gardening adventures?