Wordless Wednesday - July 25, 2012
Culver's Root - Veronicastrum virginicum

While You Were Away....


It only takes a vacation away from the garden to realize how vigorous the garden really grows. Not just the cultivated spoiled plants in the garden but also the weeds, the grass, the vegetables.

August 1st 048
Shaggy grass and way too much bee balm

One week is not a long time unless you are a dandelion. I say 'dandelion' as that is one of the most recognizable of weeds but really, the cucumbers can triple in size and the zucchini flowers turn into wiffle ball bats in just a week. It doesn't matter how neat and tidy you leave the garden, when you return, it is overgrown.

The edges are blurred. Coming home is as wonderful as leaving on vacation and seeing the garden take over is just its revenge on you for leaving. I don't mind. I love to walk the garden upon my return to see new blooms fully unfurled, the senescent flower blossoms which now need deadheading and even those wiffle ball zucchini bats are gratifying. There are chores to be done. The gardener is needed. Being needed is always a good feeling.