Wordless Wednesday - August 8, 2012
Bloom Day - August 15, 2012

The Corn Thief

Morning fogIn August, the air is heavy and there is often a morning fog which rolls in from the lower field. It occurs occasionally and the fog leaves as quickly as it arrives. It lends a mystical and ethereal air to the garden. DSC_0003Colors seem a bit brighter but shapes and textures are more diffuse. I am enjoying the mistiness in the air as the clear, cool mornings of fall will soon be upon us.  DSC_0029August is also the time of sweet corn and ripening tomatoes. The tomatoes are taking their time (my fault) but they have promise. The promise of sweet corn has been realized. The EM loves corn. Well, I love it as well but he really loves it. Many summer evenings, when the corn is ripe and the air hangs heavy, we eat just corn for dinner outside on the patio. Corn 'bodaceous'The butter drips down the chin and all is right with the world. The corn season is short. We have found that we are not the only ones who love corn. We have discovered that we have a corn thief. The corn thief is often seen running frantically around and through the corn patch trying desperately to catch the fat rabbit who has the poor judgement to try and co-habitate in a garden with two yellow labs as guardians. Tucker is getting a bit old to chase rabbits but Cooper makes up for his lack of interest.  

Cooper runningWhen Cooper tires of the chase he grabs an ear of corn. Perhaps it is a consolation prize for missing that elusive rabbit. I would rather see the dregs of an ear of corn, often with the stalk lying there in the grass, than the remains of a rabbit. Cooper the corn thief
I have not actually seen him rip the stalk out of the ground but the evidence is there. I just don't have the heart to deny him a sweet ear of corn but it is a good thing he has a cute face and only takes one or two per day. What would you do with this corn thief?