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4th of July, 2012

DSC_0240The 4th of July is about many things. Summertime, picnics, celebrations, baseball, fireworks, corn and the red, white and blue to name a few. In Bristol, Rhode Island in 1777 it has been noted that 13 gunshots were fired in the morning and again in the evening to celebrate the colonies independence from Great Britain. Bristol is home to one of the most historied Independence Day parades in the country. I have never been to that parade even though this is a small state. I may have to put it on my bucket list. I will celebrate with family around the barbie. DSC_0004The corn from my garden is not yet ready for the plate but by any standard of measurement, 3' Hailey, 4'11'' Jessica, 6'3" Ben or The EM at 6'2" , it is knee high.  How are you celebrating the 4th of July? I hope you have a memorable one.


The Back Field

DSC_0025Many of us see a field as an opportunity but, not all of us see it as the same type of opportunity. I cringe when I see a field succumb to urban sprawl. Its once pristine appearance dotted with houses or worse, strip malls. I see a field as an opportunity to enjoy nature almost untamed. DSC_0034Almost because fields just don't happen. They require yearly mowing after the initial years of clearing. When our home was built over 3 decades ago, we cleared the land for the house but we did inherit this field.
At that time there was an abundance of sheep laurel, blueberries and grasses. Constant mowing has eradicated some of the original plants but the blueberries are still here although there are fewer. There is pokeweed and milkweed along with goldenrod and grasses.  I can identify the timothy grass but the fine grass which catches the morning light in dew is a mystery. DSC_0024Perhaps it is time to take a course in field botany but, for now, I will just enjoy the show.