April Showers
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'Yard Crashers' at Ledge and Gardens

Front Row: Kiki, Meena, Rohan,Sister Lyn, Kasey,Sister Kathy, Layanee Second Row: Linda, Miggy, Brenda,Sister Eileen Third Row Standing: Beth, Laura, Daughter Emily with BIL Steve behind her, Mom, Rob, BIL Bob(in back),Rocky, Pat, Chris the EM, Gisele and John  Missing: Joyce Chapman, Nicole, Ronan & Wyatt Cardarelli

When the doctor says "no digging, dividing, edging, mulching, yadda, yadda, yadda, what is a gardener to do? We all know most doctors are not that specific. What they say is "No lifting anything over 10 lbs." Oh, you can try to do those things but the body rebels and reminds you, not so gently but with pain, that you had better listen. Well, this gardener is a fairly fatalistic person. What doesn't get done this spring will get done during the summer (maybe) or fall months. This year is different though. The local garden club, of which I am a member, is having a fund raising garden tour on June 2nd. Early June is a magical time in the garden. Usually. Fresh green foliage bears no tatters from foraging insects this early in the season and moisture is in abundance. The bleeding hearts are still bearing their blooms, the alliums are standing tall in the border, the edges of the beds are crisp and clean. Usually. Yard Crashers

The people

This year, with little strength to clean up beds and borders, family and friends came to help. Daughter Emily arranged a party and a party there was. Over twenty came with rakes, shovels, pruners, edgers and other various tools to clean up and clean out. In one day the gardens were spiffed and shined with adults, kids and dogs all having a good time. DSC_6297The age range was four to eighty eight. Yes, I caught my Mom weeding and buffing up the border inside the fence. She also made two apple pies and a pot of baked beans. How does one keep up with that? One just hopes one has inherited those traits. Some friends who arrived to help don't really love to garden. DSC_6283The Beverage/Mulch Cart
Some have never gardened or even smelled the scent of a blooming lily of the valley flower. In this digitized world where many of us connect electronically, where good manners seem to have disappeared, where despair concerning the ability to effect any real help or change to the war torn and food deprived people of the world, this day was the essence of human goodness. Lending a helping hand seems such a small act. I can tell you that it is not. It is one of the biggest. Making someone else's life, day or moment a bit better is a grand gesture. My Sunday was full of grand gestures. Thank you to all who came. I will try to pass these along one day at a time. Has there been a grand gesture in your life recently? Yard Crashers1

If you are interested in the Gentian Garden Club Garden Tour presenting 'Gentian's Gems', on June 2nd, rain or shine, click here for ticket information.