Magic in the Air
Color in the Garden

February Light

DSC_0003The sunny days have a definite and discernible brightness signaling to the garden and the gardener that it is time to get busy. This weekend was brisk and light filled even as the ice still covered the fish pond. DSC_0006The maiden grass is looking tattered and torn having suffered a very early and heavy snow in October and many swirling winter winds. We have had just a couple very cold days this winter. There has been little snow cover compared with last year. DSC_0004-1In addition to the golden glow of the grass which compliments Tucker's blond coat, the moss is almost impossibly green. DSC_0007Along the drive there is a newly planted witch hazel, Hamamelis x intermedia 'Arnold Promise'. Arnold is starting to wake up. It may be a whole month until spring but here brightness and light are returning. There will be slips back to winter. It is inevitable. That said, there is a touch of yellow in the garden. DSC_0009 Is your garden showing the signs of a new season yet?