February Light
Wickets in June

Color in the Garden

DSC_0052I have mentioned before that, to me, February feels like the longest month of the year. It drags and drags and this year is no exception. Just four days ago I woke to the above scene. Fortunately this lasted just a day and today there were a couple bright spots in the garden. SnowdropsThe snowdrops are showing white, pure and elegant even when skirted by brown leaf debris. I would love to have those huge swaths of snowdrops which are seen on old English estates. I have only seen them in pictures and wonder, will I live long enough to see these multiply to that degree? There is no telling. Last year the snowdrops waited until the second week in March to crack color but then last year there was still snow on the ground. CrocusThe crocus followed the snowdrops by a week but here they are in full and glorious color while February toils on. These gifts of the garden are quite small and it does take a bit of attention and searching to find them. It is worth the search as the hope of finding new growth is never as satisfying as the reality. Helleborus orientalisI did find one other treasure stretching out of its fetal position. March is still two days off but the march of color has begun. What is catching your eye in your own garden today?