Wordless Wednesday - January 4, 2012
A Ten Carrot Day

Empty Nests

DSC_0006Every once in a while, I will find a bird's nest during the summer months but most often they are hidden among the foliage and reveal themselves long after they have been abandoned. I am no bird nest expert but observing those left is always interesting. The above nest looks like it was built after one too many glasses of wine. It is rough, twisted and coarse. What bird nested here? I cannot imagine any baby being comfortable in this nest but at least it was high off the ground away from predators. DSC_0007This next nest was barely three feet off the ground and while it is of quality workmanship with fine lines and soft nesting material I can't help but wonder if this was an inexperienced mother making the nest. DSC_0008Maybe she knew I don't own any cats but she should have seen Cooper and Tucker wandering around and they are bird dogs after all. Greeley, Cooper and TuckerHere they are playing with Greeley, the neighbor's brown lab. Cooper is the lighter of the two yellow labs. He is also very fast as you can see. Tucker may be on in years but Cooper chases everything that moves. Silly bird. DSC_0009Still, the nest was untouched so maybe she was smarter than I thought. Do any of you bird experts know which bird might have made nests like these?