Empty Nests
Bloom Day - January 15, 2012

A Ten Carrot Day

DSC_0003The garden in January is often covered in snow but not this year. While there is ice on the fish pond, mild weather has forced a few plants to throw flowers. Prunus budThe Prunus x 'Hally Jolivette' decided to entertain in December and the daffodils DSC_0010are showing green. The European ginger has retained its green leavesDSC_0004 and this little bulb is pushing up among the fallen maple leaves. DSC_0006Today my granddaughter, Hailey, wanted to walk in the garden and since there was no snow I noticed the carrot tops glowing green. DSC_0011I planted these carrots too late for fall harvest. I know they should be planted here in July but I ran out of time and just took a chance on sowing them later. They were planted about the second week of August.DSC_0013Today was a ten carrot day. They are small except for this one Hailey is holding. Hailey had great fun picking, washing and eating them. Is the love of gardening born in us or is it learned?