Wordless Wednesday - November 9, 2011
Can You Name This Garden?

Bloom Day - November 15, 2011

DSC_0005Blooms are hard to find here in Rhode Island on this Bloom Day, courtesy of Carol, of May Dreams. Thank you again Carol for hosting so that I may view many more blooms than those in my garden. There is one last tattered bloom on the red Knock Out rose. I struggled to find it. DSC_0006I also found these few blooms left on the 'Sheffield Pink' mum. Many have been eaten by deer which browsed for food just after the snowstorm in October. There are virtually no acorns for them to eat this year so I imagine I will be seeing them suffer all winter. DSC_0009In the vegetable garden which is partially cleaned out, the calendula is blooming still. Impervious to all but the coldest of weather and frost, this one is flaunting its bright, school bus orange (not my favorite color) blooms. They are easier to take this time of year when there is little else in bloom. As I walked the dog this morning, I noticed that the native witch hazels were blooming. DSC_0003Hamamelis virginiana, the common witchhazel has the same flower as the hybrids which bloom in the spring. This native blooms in the fall and often before the leaves fall which hides the blooms from view. The roadside trees were bare of leaves but this one in the garden is retaining its leaves a bit longer.  On another note....today is my Mom's birthday and she is one of the best blooms in my life. Today she is 88 and last week she golfed nine holes with a score of 54 which is not bad and a score I often exceed. I hope she forgives me for sharing her age but it is a gift to reach such an age of wisdom when you are in good health and sound of mind. It is said that 'No one loves you like a mother'. I, my four sisters and one brother plus the extended family of grandchildren and in-laws, have been the recipients of the best this phrase has to offer. DSC_0038Here she is in the light green, on the right. Happy birthday, Mom. 

l-r: Sister Eileen,Daughter Emily, Mom

second row: Friend Joyce

top: Yours truly