Happy Thanksgiving - November 24, 2011

A Walk in the Garden

DSC_0001This morning's walk started with a frenzy of barking as Cooper spied squirrels at the bird feeders. He really despises squirrels. I fully expect to see him climbing a tree before this winter is over. He is quite fast and bounds over any obstruction with ease. So far, he has been unsuccessful at catching any squirrels and they really do seem to taunt him. Geranium colorThere has been little in the way of fall color here but this geranium is wearing bright colors and the 'Cornell Pink', deciduous rhododendron is one of the last plants to drop its bright leaves. Rhododendron  mucronulatumBright even for this year. Helleborus foetidus ready to flowerThe season progresses and the stinking hellebores have their green flower spikes already. This is a wonderful plant. Deer resistant, trouble free and it re-seeds quite readily. It has the added advantage of growing in dry shade. The flowers on the native witchhazel are hanging on as the leaves fall to reveal more of those flowers. Hanamelis virginianaThis plant was a grafted 'Arnold's Promise' witchhazel but the top died back leaving the native plant to flourish.  One last plant of interest observed on this morning's walk was the Enkianthus campanulatus. Enkianthus campanulatus seedheadsThe seed heads look very similar to the flowers in shape although the flowers hang down while the seed heads point to the sky. IMG_4300The seed heads even have a distinctive stripe along the small cup.  There is no improving on Nature, is there?