Early Fall in the Garden
Wordless Wednesday - Colchicums - 10-5-11

Mina lobata - Spanish Flag

DSC_0082My son named this plant 'Cousin It'.  Cousin It is from 'The Addam's Family' which was a hit in the 60's. I was just a child then so he must have been watching re-runs to make this connection. It does bear some resemblance.  He noticed it from the living room window. Mina lobata - Cousin ItIt has taken over the bird feeder post with vining, thick tendrils and it has been late to bloom.  Frost is imminent here and I was a bit concerned that I would not see any flowers but they are appearing and they are worth the wait.  Mina lobata flowerSpanish flag is a common name for this plant and the Latin name, Ipomoea lobata shows its relation to its cousin, the morning glory, Ipomoea tricolor. This reminds me that I did not plant 'Heavenly Blue' this year and now I miss it. Maybe these two would look interesting twining together.  I guess late bloom is normal with this family of plants. 'Heavenly Blue' takes its sweet time blooming for me.  I will plant this one again. It is a bit unusual and the flowers are quite lovely. Have any of you grown Spanish flag?  Did it bloom late for you?