Seattle Flingers
Bloom Day - The Day After....August 15, 2011

Tomatoes' Promise


'2010 Green Zebra'
The garden has been producing. Lettuce, garlic, green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, dill and cilantro but the king of the crops is really the tomato although the EM might argue that corn is his favorite (that is coming). DSC_0036This year's tomato crop was started on April 15th. I know that sounds late but it is six weeks before the estimated last frost date. I start them under lights in the basement on two six foot tables. There is not a lot of room in the basement but there is water and while not pretty, this works. Thirteen new varieties were started along with the beloved 'Mortgage Lifter' and 'Green Zebra '. DSC_0054I forgot to start some 'Sun Gold', which is a cherry tomato, so I picked up a couple of plants and added them to the garden. I am still in awe of the power of a seed. From something the size of the head of a pin, a huge plant is generated. The seedlings were planted out the traditional time for New England, Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. DSC_0082All the plants started were indeterminate varieties which means they just keep growing. Growing they are. The Sungolds are producing bright orange fruit which never make it into the kitchen as they are plucked off the vine and eaten while still warm from the sun. I have picked some small 'Stupice' which are just award winner there. A 'Bull's Heart' was starting to color up and is finishing that task on the kitchen counter as I just could not wait. After a morning of gardening I decided to grab the tripod in order to show just how tall these plants are right now. I thought about changing my clothes since I was so dirty but it just didn't matter as you can see. I am 5'12".  DSC_0095The tomatoes are taller and still growing with lots of fruit on the vine. The tomato tasting was great fun last year but I fear that this year with so many asking to attend, I may have to call it a 'festival'. Did you plant tomatoes and if so, when? Are they ready? What is your favorite variety?