The Fragrance of Phlox
Wordless Wednesday - August 3, 2011

Summer in Seattle

Space needleI was in Seattle for summer this year. On Sunday, July 24th, the temperature in Seattle reached 81F under sunny skies. The day after, the newspaper headline read 'The Day After Summer' as temperatures plummeted to fifties and sixties under cloudy, rainy skies. No matter, in any weather Seattle still shines. Hanging sunshinePerhaps it is from the glossy coating of moisture on trees and leaves or the abundant bright hanging plants everywhere in the city but, shine it does. It is hard to believe that Seattle receives less rain than Rhode Island, 37+ inches to our 42 inches but those are the facts. Seattle residents are purported to buy more sunglasses per capita than any other city in the U.S. When the sun does shine, it is very bright compared to the 280 gray days of usual weather. Seattle was the location for the fourth Garden Bloggers Fling which drew over 70 garden aficionados from all over the U.S. and even two from England. Spending time with other plant lovers is magic. Plant lust is the norm and if there is a plant one doesn't know, someone in the group does and shares the name easily with others. Seattle is home to the longest continuously operated Farmer's Market in the U.S. Farmer's market At the Public Market Center, one can find an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and fish all looking tantalizingly tempting. The fish market had some surprises in the form of entertainment. I think the action in the video serves to tenderize the fish. Well not really but this group at Pike's Fish Market know how to entertain the masses.  Grapes at marketThe Rainier cherries are ripe and available and the market was crowded with people when I was there on a Thursday afternoon. Seattle sculpture parkAs a group, we enjoyed the Olympic Sculpture Park which is situated in the sharp shadow of the space needle. SculptureA former industrial site, this park is filled with dramatically large sculptures. Mt RainierWinding paths lead visitors around the park in a multi level landscape which brings Mt. Rainier into view on the southern edge along with Cascades and sculpturethe Cascade Mountains a bit to the north. Tree sculpture - SplitThe sculptures are varied and interesting and this park is well used as evidenced by the crowds of people during our visit. Seattle was the perfect setting for the Garden Bloggers Fling this year. Seattle skyline from ferryI had not been to Seattle prior to this trip and what could be better than seeing a city for the first time with great friends and great gardens?