Cornus kousa - Chinese dogwood
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Flower Fairies

So, have you ever made flower fairies?  I had not made them before but a friend of mine, Lois, told me that she spent hours of her childhood making these creatures and since she was visiting she showed me a few of her techniques.  I don't usually have time for this since weeding must be done and other garden chores beckon.  Having a grandchild does make one pause a bit and little HED does enjoy picking flowers.  DSC_0121
She was here also and seemed quite uninterested in the process but then she is only two. I thought it would be a fun technique to learn for her future fairy follies. One needs a Y shaped stick to start.  I was told that my oak sticks were a bit bulky for fairies but then I come from bulky stock so it seemed only right to have bulky fairies. DSC_0122
I was not chastened one bit.  Once the body is in place it just needs to be dressed with arms, skirt, bonnet and poppy seed heads make great heads but with a bonnet a head is not really necessary. DSC_0128
Campanula flowers, foxglove flowers (she was never poisoned), lamb's ear and whatever else your imagination dictates, can be utilized for clothing.  I think friend, Lois, had the most fun. I can see why, these are quite cute don't you think? DSC_0129
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that you have to name your fairies and Rose lily is the most popular name.  Mine is named Ginger. She is the bulky one although I think her dress slims her right down. Do you think there are flower fairies in your future?