Wordless Wednesday - June 1, 2011
Cornus kousa - Chinese dogwood

Early June in the Garden

May is the time of perfection in many gardens but really, here in RI, it is early June when the borders really start to flush out and shine.  DSC_0077
The peonies are in full bloom, the dianthus and geraniums are flowering and singing a duet.DSC_0046
The birds are happy and the vegetable garden is off and running.  It is early enough in the season that the 'freedom' lawn has not browned although it has been warm for the past week with no rain and I can almost feel the change in the ground as I take the morning walk with the pups.  In a month we have gone from new beginnings to lushness but, I am not fooled, this is transitory.  DSC_0047
As the season progresses those water rich peonies give way to the blooms of the sturdier daylilies and yarrows.  This is just as it should be.  One doesn't want to get bored with the garden, after all.  Which is your best month in the garden?