The Freshness of Spring
Wordless Wednesday - 5-11-11

Tulip Time - Triumph Tulip 'Boston'

Spring is the time when the promises of the bulb catalogs are realized. They know how to tease don't they?  Luscious pictures and catchy names speak to each gardener just a bit differently.  Some like pink and others like yellow.  The catalogs promise color and beauty and it is up to the gardener to have faith, hope and patience when those bulbs arrive in the fall.  Bulb planting is not the easiest of tasks especially if one orders many bulbs.  Last fall when the catalog arrived, I marked several pages and then added choices based on, well, whim.  How could I not order the triumph tulip, 'Boston', since I drive to work there every week?  DSC_0016
I am not sure who decided that this creamy yellow and red tulip deserved this name.  Maybe the colors of brick and concrete, which are readily found in Boston, inspired this name.  I am not sure but really would like to be considered for the job of naming bulbs, lipstick, nail polish or any other creatively colored item. DSC_0014
That job sounds like fun but, I digress.  Back to Boston. 'Boston' is beautiful, both the city and the bulb. Concerning the bulb and subsequent flower, the tulip in bud has colors that are concentrated. Strawberries and cream come to mind and the cream matures to a pale yellow as the tulip grows on in the garden.  It opens to the bright colors of the catalog photo.  It has not disappointed this gardener.  I only ordered ten and ten makes a good clump.  I may order more next fall as tulips give only a year or two of bloom before they need replacing.  I am not the only one who loves tulips in the garden. DSC_0127
Cooper likes them also but I am going to have to train him not to eat them.  He has no shame.  He didn't even try to sneak this flower into his mouth.  DSC_0129
He just walked by, sniffed and bit it right off the stem. It is a good thing he is handsome. DSC_0105
Training continues....