Wordless Wednesday - 5-11-11
Oak Flowers

Gardening on the Edge

Gardening addicts never really know when to stop.  It will happen someday.  It is inevitable that there will have to be adjustments made sometime in the future.  But for now, garden beds continue to change, grow, evolve and sometimes new ones are added.  DSC_0023Since the removal of the large oak tree in March, the long border outside the fence needed a face lift.  It wasn't easy.  Fifty feet long and two feet wide were added to this border and that meant removal of the grass.  No sodcutter was used.  DSC_0064
Just an edger, a shovel, a fork and lots of work.  I almost said 'muscle' but the muscles are not what they used to be.  Anyway, today, eight days later, the bed is ...well, almost finished.  A layer of compost was added to all but the last eight or so feet of this bed and once that is done and the exposed soil is mulched, plants will be moved, divided and added to finish the border.  Finish? Who am I kidding, a garden is never finished. DSC_0015
That is half the fun of gardening. Tweaking, rearranging and perfecting plant combinations is really what provides satisfaction to many gardeners. That and a very straight edge, of course. I know that all that digging and shoveling and dragging will improve my golf game, I just know it.  How do you approach a new edge or a new border? Are there any new beds in your future which you can talk about?