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Wordless Wednesday - June 1, 2011

Alliums - Spherical Symmetry

The alliums are blooming.  I can't help but think about Alice in Wonderland when these flowers bloom.  I am not sure why. Perhaps the perfect symmetry of the blooms just seems a bit other worldy.
They look luscious in the morning light. These are Allium aflatuense. They pop up through the surrounding foliage and bob in the late spring breeze. DSC_0012
I am working on a large drift of alliums, adding a few each year.  I like the way they add bounce to the garden. I have seen the seedheads of some of the varieties of alliums painted in bright colors to add another dimension to the border. These do retain interest even though they are a bit smaller than other species. I have never painted them as it seems a bit of a crime against nature.  The buff color of the seedheads is serene and understated in direct contrast to the unique spherical shape complete with the star like clusters of the spent florets.DSC_0012
They are rather cosmic orbiting above the rest of the garden don't you think.  Do you have any alliums?  Which ones do you recommend?