Cooper's First Birthday
Alliums - Spherical Symmetry

A Fairy Garden & Tree Cookies

A perfect childhood should contain a fairy garden shouldn't it?  The herb bench seemed ideal for the task since it had been sitting pretty as a moss garden for the past ten years. The idea was born at the garden center which was filled with bins of little tin trellises, benches, tables and chairs.  IMG_3568
Who wouldn't love a garden in miniature? Since HED, the granddaughter, has a birthday in March, a fairy garden seemed a perfect choice. The moss was cleaned out of the bench and the stone dust added along with furniture and moss to follow. HED arrived to play. HED just turned two.  IMG_3565
How could I have forgotten what 2 year olds do with sand or stone dust?  Has it been that long? Apparently so. HED loved the bench with its accessories although she was unclear as to their purported use. She used the tiny birdbath as a shovel to scoop stone dust onto the ground. She scooped for forty minutes while she turned tables and chairs into plows and push brooms. This gardener just kept fixing the setting. Time after time. It was the second visit which made the gardener grandma realize that two year olds need spoons and plastic cups and could care less about the aesthetic beauty of a fairy garden. IMG_4019 The accessories are now packed away in favor of practicality and the simple joy of spoons, cups, sand and sun. HED is very happy. Someday she may care about a fairy house replete with furniture which can be moved around and bridges which traverse waterways but for now, playing in the sand is just plain fun.  DSC_0022
She does get to walk the tree cookie path to the fairy/sand bench and when we are done we can sit on the bench under the Carolina silverbell with our feet over the biggest tree cookie in our world.  IMG_4183
Sitting with a child is a wonderful way to spend a minute or two until they are up and running off on some other adventure.