Crocus, Scilla, Eranthis - Three for Thursday
Wordless Wednesday - April 6, 2011

Nature's April Fool

DSC_0008 April came in like a lion.  A slight roar and just a couple of inches of snow but still, it is April and Mother Nature is just not paying attention. Or, she is and this is the joke. The brick edging is warm from the sun and leaves a nice outline as the snow melts quickly from the surface. DSC_0004I think we are about a month behind schedule with temperatures but they always have a way of moderating quite quickly so 'out like a lamb' will probably happen mid month.  DSC_0009 On a positive note, the Christmas lights are down and the crocus don't really care if there is snow on their heads. DSC_0007I hope this is the only April Fool's joke which is played today here at L & G.  Who has played a trick on you today?