Bloom Day - April 15, 2011
Happy Easter

Composed suspense

IMG_3890-1It will happen and probably quickly,  top growth on perennials and warm temperatures.  The gardener can almost feel the roots pushing through the soil but the top growth is short and the grass just greening up. This spring in New England, temperatures are still cool in late April. There have been very few warm days and it is almost the end of the month.  Impatience for blooms is at a high but there are advantages to cool weather.  IMG_3901-1It is easier to push the wheelbarrow, divide plants which are just emerging and finish the raking without pesky bugs.  Really, these jobs are easier when it is cool. Today the wind chill factor was in effect. Temperatures were in the fifties but the strong wind had a biting chill to it. The day was sunny but not really pleasant outside with 35mph winds whipping everything to and fro.  IMG_3892-1It was sunny though and the light of spring is unique and to be enjoyed. The camassia are stretching and the little, pink blooming, corydalis is quite a spreader.  It is an ephemeral though and not much of a problem.  
IMG_3899-1The bed along the driveway needs some fine tuned edging but the daffodils are blooming and soon the little Iris cristata will send up their blue flags.  IMG_3894-1Inside the stone wall, the hellebores are still stretching and blooming. The coolness keeps the blooms from fading.  That is one other gift for which Mother Nature should be thanked. The gardener may be ready for a bit more warmth and more blooms but nature has its own schedule and the hope is that this year there are no extremes.  No extreme warmth, rain, drought or bugs.  I hope she is listening. This feels like a 'true' spring. What does your spring feel like?  Normal, cool or too warm?