Wordless Wednesday - April 13, 2011
Composed suspense

Bloom Day - April 15, 2011

DSC_0001April can be stingy with blooms in New England.  The earliest bloomers, the snowdrops and winter aconites are on the wane DSC_0055but the blue chionodoxa are coming into full bloom along with hellebores.  DSC_0049The green are Helleborus foetidus and this double is a 'Kingston Cardinal'.  DSC_0060The quality of light in the morning is beautiful and the birds sing their agreement with spring trills.  A heavy rain yesterday pushed the grass to greener depths and fattened the buds on many of the trees.  DSC_0012One of my favorite spring blooms are the blooms on the red maple trees in the back field.  From a distance it is just a red haze.  Up close the flowers are complete and lovely.  Red maple flowersI am trying to remember how old I was when I first really looked at these flowers.  I know I was well into adulthood.  I wonder what I am missing or have missed by just not paying attention and looking closely?  The tulips are coming up and the fall planted Greigii tulip, 'Fire of Love', has foliage every bit as lovely as any flower. DSC_0040I am waiting for the flower but really, who cares? The fat buds on the magnolia are swelling and showing a bit of pink DSC_0046and the buttercup winterhazel is about to ring with pale yellow bells.  DSC_0037There are other bits and pieces blooming here, some late crocus and the pulmonaria are beginning to show color but the above are favorites this year.  Many thanks to Carol, of May Dreams, for hosting yet another Bloom Day.  Now, show me what is blooming in your garden please.