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Wordless Wednesday - February 23, 2011

A walk in the garden - February

DSC_0014Walking in the garden is still quite a task.  The snow depth has diminished to mid shin level and  Friday, temperatures hit 63F.  Melt did occur but it will take a week of those temperatures to get rid of the snow on the ground and the ice off the driveway. DSC_0023I am ready but Mother Nature is delivering another light dusting of snow right now as I type. I know it won't be long.  Twenty eight days until spring arrives by the calendar anyway. Who knows how long it will really take to settle in and get the roots moving. DSC_0015The granite bench by the fish pond is emerging from the depths of snow cover little by little.  It is hard to believe that in just a few short months it will look a bit more welcoming. DSC_0045On another note, I posted about forcing some cherry branches on February 7th and they are now flowering adding a bit of spring to the indoor garden. As mentioned, these flowers emerge over a period of time so I will have to see how long the show lasts. DSC_0038Between the forced branches and the potted hyacinths I purchased at the grocery store, spring is not just a dream.  I have drifts of hyacinth fragrance creating the false reality of spring.  I find it necessary to live within the dreams of spring during the last days of interminable February. The RI Spring Flower Show begins on Thursday.  It will be spring and even summer inside the convention center and I plan on attending and bringing you all along.