Wordless Wednesday - January 20, 2011
In Pursuit of Parsnips

Noteworthy gardens - Poppy Cottage, Truro, England

009_9Five inches of fresh snow are blowing around outside and the icicles are hanging from the rafters although they could be stalagmites since they are touching the earth and only reason tells me that they did not spring upwards from the depths of the snow around the house. 045_45 Cold and snow make this a good day for 'armchair traveling' which always serves as a reminder of past trips and garden inspiration.  Two years ago this coming June I had the good fortune to visit England and a tiny portion of its thousands of beautiful gardens.  The trip centered on Cornwall and some of the gardens within its southern bouderies.  Cornwall is the southernmost portion of England and its climate is quite mild with few extremes.  June was warm and sunny which only presented problems for the photographer.  047_47 Poppy Cottage Garden is a private garden owned and maintained by Tina and Dave Primmer. Both were on hand to greet our group and answer the myriad of questions posed.  They started the garden in 1998 and added additional garden rooms with the purchase of more land in 2003.  020_20It is hard to believe that this garden is 'finished'.  I am sure if I go back to Poppy Cottage I will find new and more extensive plantings as these gardeners have visible passion evident in the attention to detail within these spaces. Poppy cottage walkwayThis is not a huge tract of land but the arrangement of garden rooms, each with well thought out combinations 032_32and color schemes, make it feel as though you could wander forever. 046_46There are paths leading the way from one garden to another and there are sitting areas within many of the spaces.  041_41 The garden is very three dimensional as climbers rise up on columns with some trained overhead drawing attention and traffic to another garden room.006_6 Perfectly edged gardens, perfect grass and stunning colors keep visitors enthralled with the content of this unique garden.  039_39 The largest room in the series of connected gardens is bordered by trees, shrubs, and perennials chosen to complement the adjacent plants.  033_33I have never seen sage as big as the one in the lower left of this picture not to mention the bright, fuschia and purple penstemons. 035_35The borders flow and undulate and eventually lead to a less tamed, but no less interesting area, of the garden with paths of wood chips.  040_40 I have seen few gardens in America which have the diversity of plants and the style of this garden.    I find that travel not only inspires but teaches if one is open to a lesson.  This garden is tended by owners with flair, passion, and generosity.  They open their garden to others to share their work and their joy of gardening.  The garden as a whole is a delight but there is incredible beauty in the small,individual plants grown.  008_8 This Cerinthe major purpurascens seems otherworldly in color.  Who says there are no turquoise plants in the garden? I clearly see it in this one.  Thanks for 'Armchair traveling' with me today.  I am planning on taking a journey each Friday.  I hope you will choose to travel along.