Wordless Wednesday - December 8, 2010
The Christmas Rose - Helleborus niger

Farmer's Market, RI

DSC_0012 I went to the Farmer's Market a couple weeks ago.  My garden still has a bit of lettuce, arugula and parsley but this past week the temperatures dipped to single digits and there is little left to harvest.  The Farmer's Market in Pawtucket, RI hosts dozens of vendors selling everything from root vegetables DSC_0019 to cupcakes.  There is maple syrup, farm raised beef and chicken, sprouts, mushrooms and flowers. DSC_0014 One of my favorite finds were these tiny turnips.  DSC_0032 I know, they look like radishes but they are turnips.  I bought two bunches and roasted them. If you like turnips, these are tender and delicious. The romanesco broccoli was pretty with its lime green spirals but I held off and will have to take a trip back with the hope that there are some left.  DSC_0022 I had a week's vacation between the visit and this post so meal planning was at a standstill.  Watching the people at a Farmer's Market is just as interesting as checking out what is available.  It is an eclectic and fascinating group.  Who visits a Farmer's Market?  I will have to conduct interviews next time but it is safe to say that the shoppers at the market are interested in supporting the local farmers and securing fresh produce for their meals. There is color, noise, energy and fragrance at the farmer's market.  November 27, 2010
Have you visited a Farmer's Market lately and if so, where?  Were you satisfied?