When friends come to visit....in August.
An honored guest - Monarch caterpillar

Three for Thursday

DSC_0087Since I have missed Wordless Wednesday, I thought I would give Three for Thursday a go.  Hosted by Cindy at My Corner of Katy, Three for Thursday suggests that your post contain three photos, rants or reviews, in fact, three of anything for a post.  I thought I would share with you three glimpses of this seasons' progression.  In the top photo, this leaf was spotted in the grass this week.  The light levels are diminishing and I see a tint on some of the maple trees which just wasn't there two weeks ago. DSC_0095 

This next picture is of Hailey's pumpkin.  I lifted it ever so slightly to show the EM the etching and the stem snapped.  It has colored up nicely though.  It is a Cinderella pumpkin for our little princess who has yet to pose with Cinderella.  DSC_0091 The last picture is of the longest cucumber yet picked from the garden and two tiger melons.  The cucumber seeds were from Baker's Heirloom seeds and listed as Japanese long.  This one measured 18". They have great flavor and the plants produce lots of fruit.  The tiger melon seeds, I think, were also from Baker.  This plant was not vigorous and was quickly overrun by the Cinderella pumpkins (note to self: plant further apart next year) and the Waltham squash plants.  I did get three fruit which are quite beautiful although their flavor is a bit bland.  The dogs like them though so all was not lost.