Seasonal reflections - August
Wordless Wednesday - August 18, 2010

Bloom Day - August 15, 2010

The truth is not too pretty here in Rhode Island as we are in a water deficit.  The best bloomers are those in containers since they get the benefit of daily watering.  I have, like many others, been dragging the hose around but with the vegetable garden in high season, watering it takes priority.  DSC_0013
Still, there are plants blooming but they are definitely showing signs of stress.   The few that are not include the Coreopsis 'Moonbeam', DSC_0011
the 'Knock Out' rose, DSC_0010
and this nasturtium which is planted in the potato bins and which has thrived while the potatoes did not. DSC_0009
The long border has a bit of blooming phlox left to complement the zinnias and the impatiens.  DSC_0002
Annuals are the saving grace of the August garden here at Ledge and Gardens.  The Kirengeshoma is planted in the left front border which is mostly shade and furthest from the hose.  It is in dire need of water as the buds swell and the leaves droop.  DSC_0008
Blue gentian is a wonderful color but a wimpy perennial. DSC_0058
I only have let it stay because I belong to the Gentian Garden Club.  I guess I should have collection of gentian somewhere else but this established plant is so nondescript until the bright blue flowers appear that it escapes attention until it is too late to move it.  The Echevaria 'Lila' is a lovely gray with these pretty flower spikes.  DSC_0016
There are other plants blooming such as Geranium 'Rozanne' and the Bee balm lingers on but this is really the true story of the gardens here on bloom day.  DSC_0017
The Hydrangea 'Tardiva' is not drought tolerant in the least and is looking quite ragged.  I am doing a daily rain dance and considering posting it on YouTube but in the meantime, many thanks to Carol at May Dreams for hosting 'Bloom Day'.  I hope your Bloom Day is full of color and enough moisture to keep plants and gardeners from wilting.