Wordless Wednesday - July 21, 2010

More Buffalo

I so admire those diligent bloggers who have been posting regularly about the Buffa10 Fling last weekend.  I am well behind and it is a challenge to find photos which have not been seen.  It is interesting how many pictures we take that are similar but also interesting that there are pictures of scenes which I just did not see.  So, a big thank you to all for sharing your special views.  I have a confession to make.  While most of our group was outside the History Museum listening to the staff talk about the new garden which was being dedicated that very day, I was hunting down the cake.  I love cake (sad truth) and when I heard one mentioned, I had to take a look.   There were lots of people standing listening to the speeches IMG_2322
and the cake was on a table behind all of them.  I found it. IMG_2321
  It really doesn't look like a cake at all.  Note the pictures on the bottom and the log rounds which mimic those in the garden.  I guess I have to believe that this was a cake as it looked just like the granite lantern in the garden IMG_2325
and sadly I did not get to taste it which was probably a good thing since we headed off to Rue Franklin for a lovely lunch.   IMG_2335
It was then on to Urban Roots, the city garden center. IMG_2349
Always smiling Kylee, from Our Little Acre, tempts fate by climbing up on the bales of mulch for the perfect shot.  IMG_2340
I am sure she got more than one of all the colorful umbrellas in the nursery as the rain was coming down.  This garden center had great plants IMG_2346
and very interesting items to purchase.  This familiar book, Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart has its' own special little creature trying to read its' pages. IMG_2352
Perhaps it is confused and thinks that it is her new book, Wicked Bugs.  There is so much more to share but tonight time has run short.