Wordless Wednesday - July 21, 2010
Corn craze

Introducing Cooper

One week ago today, we added a new member to the family.  This is Cooper.  Cooper was born on May 20th at Tonmar Kennels in Pomfret, CT.  He is related to the current Job Supervisor, Tucker, DSC_0016
who is our 12 year old yellow lab.  I tried to prepare Tucker for the arrival of his new pal but the adjustment is moving slowly.  There was the requisite first sniff DSC_0056
and the relationship has progressed to studied tolerance. DSC_0069
 It is a good thing that puppies have a short memory span and Cooper doesn't see Tucker's indifference as rejection.  He keeps trying and I know they will be friends eventually.    We have taken the morning walks to the back field DSC_0014
and Cooper did have his first swim when he fell off the edge of the pool.  DSC_0060
My sister did not hesitate, she jumped right in, clothes, shoes, and all and plucked him out.  DSC_0062
He stays away from the edge now.  Cooper spent the first few nights here in a laundry basket by my bed.  He slept all night with nary a whimper but after four nights he decided he could escape so it was into the crate.  He didn't mind it at all although he doesn't like the crate during the day.  I have kept my travels limited so he will not get frantic.  Having a puppy in the house is quite entertaining and exhausting.  We only sleep five or six hours a night.  LOL  Just like having a human baby.  I have found that an afternoon nap works well and since it has been very hot and humid, it seems like time well spent.  I do have a couple more Buffalo posts.  I saw so many wonderful gardens and  met up with old friends and made new ones that I must share but, for now, nap time. DSC_0059 Do you see a resemblance?