The height of summer?
While in Buffalo.....

Hot summer days

You know it is going to be a record breaker when the butterflies are flitting around the garden with you and your cup of coffee.  They appear early if the temperatures are warm and today they were in abundant evidence. Coneflower and butterflies
The back field had a hazy glow early on and the sweet smell of the timothy DSC_0025
and milkweed DSC_0027

almost  made up for the constant attack from the deer flies.  Is there any good purpose for deer flies?  Their discordant drone and aerial acrobatics cause one to flail about in eternal and endless pursuit.DSC_0023  Tucker can only shake his head to keep them at bay and I have resorted to smearing a bit of bug repellent on his nose to keep him from frustration.  The dragonflies are jetting around the field in search of loveDSC_0031Click on picture to enlarge

while the frogs have the option of the cool depths of the fish pond or the warm shelf in the sun. DSC_0020The containers are thriving with the heat.  Just like most things in life, they have two sides DSC_0084
but I am not sure one side is better than the other. DSC_0085
Next year I will put the vigorous sweet potato vine off to the right or the left rather than in the middle where it tries to take over and is always in center stage. Tomorrow the clippers are coming out.  It needs a bit of training.