While in Buffalo.....
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There is an energy surrounding Buffalo which is palpable to gardeners in particular.  This city, which has a curious name if one thinks at all about it, is situated in an optimistic location at the eastern edge of Lake Erie and the head of the Niagara River.    It is undergoing a revitalization which comes, in part, from having a positive group of people at the helm.  In 2010 Forbes rated Buffalo as the 10th best place to raise a family.  It is evident in the attitude and the actions of its' inhabitants two of which, Elizabeth and Jim, organized this seamlessly run event. Seventy or so garden bloggers and garden enthusiasts who had the opportunity to attend this year's Garden Bloggers Buffa10 will agree.  IMG_2214
The first full day of garden touring included the Cottage District which must contain the happiest people on earth.  Who could live in this house without smiling every day?  The houses in the cottage district are painted in the colors of the rainbow and much reminiscent of this gardener's past vacations on Martha's Vineyard which has a collection of similarly painted houses in the Campground Compound of Oak Bluffs.  They look like this.  The tiny gardens were inviting, unique, and packed with plants.  Wandering in and out of the side alleys IMG_2226
to the back gardens IMG_2239
and then along the streets could not have been more fun especially in the company of other plant and garden lovers.   There was, for the most part, a gentle rain which was sporadic. Strolling was possible between the drops.  IMG_2248
Attention to detail was the order of the day.  I love the way this house IMG_2261
has its' hose matching the window boxes.  The back yard was just as detailed.  The use of mirrors in the small enclosed spaces gave added depth to some of the gardens and the images captured were impressionistic from the rain.  IMG_2300
Here is Pat, who also blogs from New England, captured in this mirror's watery depths.  There was also a mirror in the very back of this garden which caught many a blogger's eye. IMG_2305
The winding path leading to this back area was narrow but invited further inspection and upon the return route, one was treated to a view of this hydrangea in bud and the bee balm which seems to be a signature Buffa10 plant. IMG_2306
  It grows tall and lush and not a spec of powdery mildew was seen on any in any garden.  The Cottage District was just the first part of our day but what a way to start.  In tribute to today's Flag Day, here is one final image.  IMG_2249