Bloom Day - April 15, 2010
It's the little things

Morning confessions....

The morning walk is a must for many of us who garden, blog, and love nature but just what are you carrying, wearing and doing while going about the morning walk?  The camera is an essential.  I rarely strap it on, preferring to have it in one hand with the coffee cup in the other.  This can create a few problems if one has to manually focus or adjust a setting so it is important to have the coffee cup a bit drained before stepping into the garden.  In the case of this gardener, the Project Manager, Tucker, is leading the trekDSC_0016

although his attention is taken by the fragrance of the garden rather than the blooms.  By fragrance, I really mean stink as the rotting odor of some soft bodied, unlucky creature gets his attention more than the delicate, delicious odors of the daffodils or the Viola odorata.DSC_0009

Then, there is the morning strolling attire.  This usually depends on weather, energy level, and schedule.  Sometimes, the desire for the morning walk is greater than the desire to dress properly keeping the sensitivities of the garden and the Project Manager in mind.  Since the garden is located within ten acres of woodland with the neighbors well out of view and it rarely complains, attire is not entirely necessary.  This is not the Naked Gardener however especially in April when the air is a bit chilly.  The first pair of shoes found and a warm sweater or coat over the PJ's suffices with not a complaint from Tucker.  He is just anxious to get out the door.  IMG_1595
There is only one person who has seen this attire other than The Equipment Manager and that would be the early delivery guy.  Usually deliveries happen late in the afternoon here in the 'sticks' but on occasion, such as this morning, the delivery guy comes with a surprise package. The surprise is on him but he never acts surprised.  Can you imagine the stories the DG's could tell?  Never mind the hairdressers, it is the delivery guy who has the most tales.  He didn't mind the striped PJ's covered with the wool sweater, the brushed but not styled hair, or the lack of cosmetics, in fact, I truly don't believe that he noticed.  I cowered behind the door while accepting the box from Johnny's containing the soon to be planted asparagus roots.   The DG didn't miss a beat, he just said that this was his third Johnny's delivery this morning and this was before nine a.m.  Good for Johnny's and bless the delivery guy. DSC_0083
The morning walk ritual continues and you never know what sights you might see.  Therein lies the joy.