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Wordless Wednesday - March 31, 2010

Burning of the Grasses - March 27, 2010


Friday night was the night between raindrops for the annual burning of the grasses.  These grasses are in beds by the fish pond and since they stand alone, I choose to burn them.  Burning them is much easier than cutting them  and it also serves to sweeten the soil and clean them right to the base. IMG_0091
Grasses make dramatic changes through the seasons and are well worth adding to your garden if space is available. The bigger grasses do take up a bit of room.  By March, they are battered and worn and looking for relief.  DSC_0018
This year, the crowd gathered with the necessary libation in hand for the event.  The event is inspired by the field fires of my youth.   In years past, it was common practice for the local volunteer fire department to burn fields in order to renew them and get in a little practice.  It doesn't happen anymore but these grasses are begging for a light. DSC_0022

The EM obliges and everyone holds their breath for a moment.  Usually there is an immediate response and a 'whoosh' but since the grasses are still a bit damp the burn starts more slowly and builds.   Still, it is impressive to watch the crowd DSC_0023
and the grass.  IMG_1504
Even wet, it burns IMG_1512
and burns andIMG_1523
then... time for dessert.