Tantalizing tomatoes and 'Terroir'
Wordless Wednesday - February 24, 2010

Pruning and planting

There was the definite feel of approaching spring this weekend.Temperatures were in the high 40's which feels like a heat wave after freezing rain, snow and just general cold.  It is only February still but the light levels are just so much higher than one month ago.  There is snow cover in all but the most south facing portions of the garden and I am seeing just a nudge of green here and there in the form of snowdrops and early crocus against the foundation's warmth. They are still sitting in suspended animation waiting for a row of warm days to send forth some actual color.DSC_0001
It was a beautiful, sunny day on Saturday and it necessitated sun glasses given the glare of sun and snow but it was a good day to prune a bit.  I usually prune the Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight' and the Catalpa at this time of year as well as those understory cherries which pop up everywhere unannounced. I also cut a few stalks of perennials and adjusted theClematis 'Niobe'
copper tuteur which was leaning in the garden from battling the weather.  It looks much better in the June picture than in the current picture. DSC_0001b
This is what the yard looks like right now. DSC_0004b
Given the appearance, there is no way I can call this a garden.  I am thinking that the burning of the grasses will be less than spectacular this year as DSC_0009
they have been beaten down by repeated winter weather.  The winter sowing of sweet peas was also accomplished on Saturday. This package contained a mystery bean.  I guess the gremlins added it to the package.  DSC_0003
I usually plant them in the garden in April but it always seems to be too late.  I am trying the winter sowing method in peat pots. DSC_0004
We shall see if this works.  Kris at Blithewold says that she and Gail always sow the sweet peas around President's Day although they keep theirs in a cool greenhouse.  I will move these to a cold frame once the snow is gone and it can be set up in the garden. DSC_0264
Here is a picture of the sweet peas planted out at Blithewold.  I visited one summer day and Kris generously picked me a bouquet. DSC_0266
I will not soon forget that ride home in the car with the bouquet of sweet peas sharing its' ambrosial scent.