Happy Halloween!
Garlic - Allium sativuum

Colors in the garden

The leaves of this Acer j. 'Aconitifolium' have dropped and the cool days of November are upon us.  November can be so gray and bleak in New England.  This past weekend was leaf raking weekend and so the garlic remains as yet unplanted and the beds untidied.  The bulk of the leaves have been carted to the compost piles but the windy day left the lawn littered yet again with scattered spots of oak leaves. The statuary needs to be put away as cement does not fair very well with the freezing temperatures of New England. DSC_0009
This birdbath will freeze over if left and Buddha must spend the winter in the shed.  Mickey Mouse was a favorite of my dear Aunty Hope who passed away this year.  P7160077
He needs his own garden but what would you put in a Mickey Mouse garden?  He sits among the hellebores currently but they are a bit over his head.IMG_0063
There are various bits and pieces lying here and there and also some remaining containers which must be put away.  I never realized that the Elephant Ear is so cold hardy.  We have had quite cool temperatures here and even a bit of snow but this Elephant EarIMG_0076
has not succumbed and will be moved, hopefully this weekend, to the basement.  Under lights of course. It seems impossibly green in this ever browning landscape.  Are you snuggling under for the season or is it in full throttle in your area?