Hydrangea macrophylla 'Endless Summer'
Frost in the field

The glamour of annuals - Blithewold


My recent visit to Blithewold to hear Michael Dirr's lecture on 'Noble Trees' had its' expected reward of visiting the flower and vegetable gardens DSC_0140
so carefully tended by Kris and Gail.  The trees often escape my attention as the allure of the colorful annuals and perennials pull me to the greenhouse garden area.  There are always the favorites DSC_0151

in different and exciting colors but there are also unusual annualsDSC_0165
such as this Gomphocarpus physocarpus aka 'Balloon Cottonbush' or 'Hairy Balls' which, to me, is the ultimate Beavus and Butthead annual.   It does have very pretty flowersDsc_0063 (2)
in spite of the rather unfortunate but every intriguing looking seedpods.  DSC_0144
The bones of these garden beds stay the same but the contents are always changingDSC_0157 which is a credit to the creative gardening talents of the aforementioned gardeners.  The flower beds overflow and are lush, full, and always a joy to visit.  DSC_0150 This is the shot that left me wanting more...even if it is school bus yellow.