The glamour of annuals - Blithewold
Ground fog

Frost in the field


The upper garden was untouched by frost but the back field, which slopes downward,did not escape the ice crystals. DSC_0080
  The days are golden now DSC_0095

as the trees change their wardrobe toward the inevitable nakedness of dormancy. DSC_0094
The ferns have a sharp fragrance in their decline and the tapestry of ice DSC_0086
accentuates their fine form.   An annual weed grass has been growing in the compost heap this summer.  It has commanded attention due to its' coarseness and stature. The seed heads are large and attractive and the frost has given them a squirrel's tail softness.  DSC_0089
Frost does seem to bring out the minute details with its' etching characteristics.  It won't be long before it reaches the upper garden but the very frost sensitive morning glories are continuing to bud and bloom DSC_0103
  while still pushing out new growthDSC_0106
seemingly oblivious to their inevitable end.  Has Jack Frost hit your garden yet?   DSC_0070