Ground fog
Climbing hydrangea, Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris

Fall days


This was not the best gardening year and fall continues to provide challenges.  It seems to rain enough each weekend so tasks remain undone and the gardens remain messy. IMG_0070
In addition, the deer have found the rye patch which is currently keeping them away from the hollies, rhododendrons and evergreens.  I did make a trip to one of those box stores which I so dislike but then I had to go to get string for the string trimmer and netting to cover the deer candy.  I am going to give the netting a try this year as others swear by it and spraying relies on someone actually spraying which doesn't always happen resulting in bare plants.  There are spots of bright color this year but the Tiger Eye Sumac did not color up as it has in the past. IMG_0093
The leaves just turned brown in the wet weather and withered away. Really ugly. IMG_0081
The Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium' is a bright spot in the outer border now.  It has the most beautiful, intricately cut leaves IMG_0083
of any of the maples in my garden. IMG_0085
It was a gift, a passalong plant from a seedling in a friend's garden.  New England has had an interesting season this year and it is not often we get our first snowfall the same week as the first frost.DSC_0002
  Forgive the lousy picture but it does show the snow on the bee balm seedheads.  Yes, I am looking for sympathy.  Snow in October, however fleeting, is just too early.  I do know that every gardener has bad weather to contend with sometime during the gardening season and next year could be the long awaited 'perfect' gardening season.  Was this past one yours?